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The latest news, stories, fundraising events and reports from BCE fundraisers.

Monday, 28 July 2014 11:52

The 10k London run 2014 race

Thank you and Congratulations for completing the 10k London run 2014 race in support of BCE's ultimate goal. We appreciate your commitment in spreading awareness of cancer in Ethiopia and raising fund for BCE/good cause.
Sunday, 15 June 2014 07:01

Dinner event in Nottingham

We would like to say thank you to Nottingham BCE Teams for organizing a dinner event on 18/02/2014 and raising £1634.92. We do appreciate their commitment regardless of the weather to sacrifice their day in setting up a charity coffee stall and to raise fund for BCE on 26th of May 2014 . We also extend our gratitudes to all participants and donors who attended the events.

Thank you again

Battling Cancer in Ethiopia
The Board of Trustees of BCE would like to express their thanks and appreciation to Birmingham Ethiopian Sport and Culture Festival organizers for giving BCE a platform to raise awareness of cancer in Ethiopia on 24th & 25th of May 2014.

We would like to extend out thanks to all attendees for sacrificing their fun-time and being patient with us to listen/hear what we were saying about BCE and its ultimate goal. We enjoyed the festival as we spread the awareness, we met the organizers in person and we had a chance to talk to interested individual who wanted to learn more about BCE too.

We value your time at Birmingham. Thank you all!

Tuesday, 06 May 2014 12:17

Sacrificial Donation

BCE's Board of trustee would like to say thank you to Emuye Mequanent and Yosef Biyadglegn from Israel for their surprising donation.Emuye and Yosef got married on Friday 2nd of May 2014.   Few days before their planned wedding day, they heard my personal testimony as a survivor and about cancer sufferers situation in Ethiopia.  To my surprise, at the spot they decided to cut part of their wedding cost by $1428.00 USD and donated for BCE's objectives.  We appreciate their prompt action to make a difference in cancer sufferers life in Ethiopia.Congratulations Emuye and Yosef!!   Have a blessed life together.
Saturday, 19 April 2014 15:51

Happy Easter!

Dear all Supporters of BCE

Thank you all for supporting BCE in all the events we run and for your monthly commitments for the last two years. Your participation and support has brought BCE closer to meeting its target by £190,000.00 at this time. Although BCE's journey is long and though, we believe that your support will not cease until BCE accomplishes its objective of helping cancer sufferer's in Ethiopia.

Thank you again and enjoy your Easter holiday

On behalf of BCE

Saturday, 29 March 2014 09:54

3rd Annual Charity Walk

3rd Annual BCE Sponsored Walk

Following the huge success of last year's charity walk event, BCE is delighted to announce that this year's 10K charity walk is on Saturday 24th of May 2014.
Get ready to have fun, get fit, and raise money to save lives with BCE.

Meeting Place:
Waterloo Millennium Green Park /Lower Marsh
Postcode: London SE1 7AA
Saturday 24 May 2014
10:00 am to 2pm (Registration from 10 - 10:30 am;  walk will start at 11am)
Key contact: Tsige Birru-Benti
Telephone: 079 0879 1745
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Transport Underground:-  Waterloo tube station ( Bakerloo,  Jubilee and Northern line) Zone 1.
1, 4,  59, 76, 77, 139, 143, 168, 521.....

The route

The walk takes place in Central London and follows a spectacular scenic Thames river route crossing 6 landmark bridges. It will be a day to remember as you put your best foot forward in support of the battle against cancer in Ethiopia.
Please come to walk with BCE, invite all your friends and family to join us for this fun day event. The meeting point is Waterloo Millennium Green Park, Baylis Road, London, SE1 7AA.
Registration is open from 10.00am to 10.30am. Please ensure that you arrive by 10.00am to allow time to register and warm up. The walk starts at 11.00am
To raise fund online and create your own page, please visit BT MyDonate Page
  1. Register for the event by creating a free fundraising page. Click on Start fundraising and follow the simple online instructions to create your page
  1. Ask friends, family and colleagues to sponsor your walk for this great cause
    They can sponsor you online on your fundraising page, or via the paper sponsorship form
  1. Have fun walking with us on May 24th!
Looking forward to see you on 24th of May at 10am!

Can't join us for the walk?

You can still help us save lives by supporting one of our walkers or simply giving.
If you want to help us save lives by simply giving (no sponsorships), please donate online by clicking on the Donate now link at our BT MyDonate page. Or see our donate page for alternative ways of donating.
help us save lives by sponsoring
Tuesday, 25 February 2014 22:12

Kitfo Night live

On 22nd of February, 2014 evening the Kitfo Night was fantastic. Very good turnout, traditional Kitfo presentation (with tires and ankefo - spoon), generous portion and testy kitfo of the time. Thank you all for being there in support of BCE's ultimate goal and willing to participate in all aspects of needs. Thank you 'Kitfo Night' event organisers' for introducing us to this stylish evening. Amazing!!!

BCE Trustees

Sunday, 19 January 2014 23:28

Kitfo Night

Be sure to attend this year’s most amazing Fundraising event in The Rugby Portobello Trust 221 Walmer Road. For the first time ever the top caterers are getting together on Saturday, February 22, 2014 preparing spectacular Kitfo dinner at the beautiful The Rugby Portobello Trust hall at Walmer Road, starting at 6.00pm sharp .

The event will also include live auction, raffles and presentation, so come along for this fun event and don't forget to bring your appetite!

Monday, 09 September 2013 12:56

BCE wishes you a Happy Ethiopian New Year.

May the New Year, 2006, gets you thorough with Good Health, Prosperity and Happiness in your life.
Taking this opportunity, BCE's Trustees would like to thank you all for your participation in the various events (dinner in London and Reading, 10k walk in London and Nottingham, 10k London Run, London 2 Brighton walk, street fund collection and concert), for your monthly commitments and one-off donation payments from the UK, USA and Europe that enabled us to reach 15% of our target of a million GBP.
We appreciate all volunteers' involvement in all aspects of the above events to raise fund for BCE. In addition to that, it was overwhelming seeing kids involvement in the walk event and baking fairy cakes to sell and raise funds.
As we start the Ethiopian New Year we have good news to tell you: To facilitate generous individuals/organisations and to speed up the collection of fund for cancer treatment, BCE has been registered legally to function in the USA as a non-profit charity!
Wednesday, 31 July 2013 20:09

Dear all BCE Supporters,

On Saturday 25th of May 2013, You walked a 10K charity walk with BCE to raise funds towards its ultimate goal, to make a difference in the lives of cancer sufferers and their siblings who reside in Ethiopia.

You didn't only walk the 10k charity walk but you also knocked on the doors of friends and sponsors asking for their support for this good cause you believe in and spread awareness about lack of cancer treatment in Ethiopia.

The trustees of BCE would like to say thank you for your participation on the walk, for facing the challenges to raise funds online and offline and for your personal gift in support of the walk and its purpose. We congratulate you for your effort to raise more than £22,227.99 (this includes £991.00GBP raised by Jill Demilew who took a tough challenge and walked from London to Brighton on 25&26 May (30hrs) to raise funds for BCE).


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