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BCE is a charity that is committed to spreading awareness of cancer and raising funds to buy medical equipment for the Black Lion Hospital Cancer Centre in Ethiopia.

Awareness - Cancer in Ethiopia

Cancer is on a rise in Ethiopia, many more people are dying with cancer than people with HIV, malaria and tuberculosis.

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, one feels that s/he is under a death sentence. In fact, for the sufferer it is a long journey from the diagnosis to the first treatment: digest the news of the diagnosis, go through different tests, and get awareness about the benefits and the side effects of the treatment. This process is just like a nightmare and walking through the shadow of death.

In a third world country like Ethiopia, the story is different. Since most Ethiopians are not well aware of cancer, being diagnosed with cancer is not only knowing it as death sentence for that victim, but becoming emotionally vulnerable, feeling as a cursed person, being isolated and out cast from the society. There is no supporting team to build the confidence of the victims in Ethiopia.

People from rural areas prefer to go to traditional medicine practitioners (local clinics) whenever something happens to their health. This is mainly because the doctors are in cities or big towns. It is so sad to learn that large number of cancer victims in Ethiopia donít have access to hospital and medical care. AS a result cancer has become one of the silent killers in Ethiopia.

There is a lack of machines for treatment in the cancer centre at (BLH) Black Lion Hospital. Due to this shortage there is a long queue for the patients to wait, more than six months, to get a treatment of any sort.

Population 83m
Number of oncologists 4
Number of radiotherapy centres 1
Number of Cobalt machines 1
CT Simulator 0
Brachytherapy machine 0
3D Planning System 0
Leaner Accelerator 0


Black Lion Hospital (BLH) is the only referral hospital for cancer patients for the whole country and all the clinics make referral to this hospital for further tests or treatment. Every year about 2000 new patients are diagnosed with cancer. The cancer centre already is looking after 6000 cancer patients. Out of these patients 33% are with cervical cancer, 21% with breast cancer and 10% with head and neck and so on. Since there is only one cancer centre for the whole country with only one cobalt -60 to treat thousands of cancer patients and very few oncologists, the minimum waiting time for treatment is 6 months. Sadly, 14% of the victims pass away while they are waiting for treatment.

Therefore, the challenge to all of us who care for people is:-
  • To be united as hands in gloves to make a difference in the life of cancer sufferers in Ethiopia in order to give a new lease of life to men and women with families and children.
  • To be committed to battle cancer by donating money to buy cancer treatment machine/systems so that Black Lion Hospital is able to treat more cancer patients in time and reduce the mortality rate of cancer sufferers.
In short, what is needed is to increase cancer awareness and give wider access for cancer victimsí early diagnosis and treatment through increased resources for cancer treatment centres.

Dear readers, here I write to tell you that my friend and I are survivors of cancer. We have walked through what the cancer patients in Ethiopia are going through. The reason that we are alive today is we have the opportunity to live in England where the hospitals are well equipped with:-
  • sophisticated treatment facilities,
  • highly trained medical specialist/staffs
  • and all necessary supports.

And we were diagnosed at early stage and cared properly.

I believe you and us together can certainly make a difference. For this reason we have formed a registered charity called BCE (Battling Cancer in Ethiopia). The aim of this charity is to organise people like you who would like to donate for good cause to buy/provide cancer treatment equipment /systems (estimated to close to £1,000,000.00) for Cancer Centre in Ethiopia.

Unless we all stretched our hands to make a difference in battling cancer:-
  • The victims will not survive to live a couple of years longer.
  • Sadly they will be lost leaving their loved once in grief and creating a broken family.
  • Victims of young family will not be looked after to grow and be encouraged to go to school
  • Their children get burdened with huge responsibility for looking after their younger siblings.
  • The disease does not kill its victims only but the whole community associated with the victims.
So I plead to you today to make a difference and donate to bridge the gap for the above shortage of medical equipment to treat cancer patients.

Thank you for reading this information and be willing to support BCE to fight cancer in Ethiopia.

Want to Make a Donation?

hand1 Your valuable donation will help buy medical equipment that will save lives and support our battle against cancer in Ethiopia..